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If you’re injured at work, we will ensure you receive the lost wages and medical payments you deserve. If you get hurt at work, it is on the company — not you. You should not be paying for your medical expenses and also should not miss out on the wages for your lost time.


You may also be entitled to a large lump sum payment if your injuries prevent you from returning to making the same amount of money you were making at the time you were hurt. Marshall E. Kresman & Associates has over 40 years of experience in helping workplace injury victims in the Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Southern New Jersey areas.

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You are entitled to a long list of rights when you are injured at work. As attorneys with years of practice in workers’ compensation, we can provide you with each and every one of these rights when you work with us.

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The extent of your injury determines how much you can receive and how long your compensation will last. If you were just injured today at work, contact us RIGHT NOW to receive professional legal representation and to retain your best chance at maximum compensation.


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