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Slip and fall Personal injury

Owners, lessees, and contractors hired to maintain properties are required to provide safe environments for anyone on or in their premises. At Marshall E. Kresman & Associates, we make sure property owners provide safe environments to all visitors and patrons and take all reasonable measures to prevent harm.


Property owners must remove any dangerous objects or repair a floor or walking hazard that could result in a slip and fall accident. If a slippery area is known to the owners, then they are obligated to warn people of its dangers or they could be held liable with a premises liability claim. Slip and fall accidents can occur in a variety of dangerous environments:

Has a slip and fall accident left you in pain?

How can I file a claim for compensation?

Slip and fall cases and most other accidents have a 2-year statute of limitations under which you can file a claim. Furthermore, governmental entities have notice requirements of only several months, which must be obeyed, so time is of the essence. Attempting to address the issue of compensation on your own is extremely difficult. Without knowledgeable legal representation from Marshall E. Kresman & Associates, you could accept an offer that is far lower than you deserve. Our firm has won millions of dollars in compensation for our clients.


Your injuries can cause severe financial strain on you and your family. The negligent party should be held financially responsible for all damages, including all medical bills, ambulance bills, rehabilitation, future medical treatments, lost wages, and future predicted financial losses, as well as pain and suffering. We know how to file a successful slip and fall claim, and we will work tirelessly to pursue fair and full compensation. Our firm is dedicated to protecting your right to fair compensation, and in standing firm when demanding compensation from all liable parties.

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What is premises liability?

Owners and managers of property or establishments owe a duty of care to anyone who is invited onto or could be present on their property. They have a responsibility to provide a safe environment to all visitors and patrons and take all reasonable measures to prevent harm. When they fail to protect their visitors and injury results, victims may be able to file premises liability claims. Common grounds for claims include a wide range of unsafe conditions:

Aggressive advocacy for victims of owner neglect

Marshall E. Kresman & Associates is very familiar with premises liability law and filing claims. We have served the injured in personal injury claims for over 40 years. Our legal team understands the financial and emotional strain an injury can have on the victim and their families. Filing a claim without experienced legal representation is exceptionally dangerous, as you may accept a settlement far lower than you deserve.


Our firm has won millions of dollars of our clients. We are proud of our impressive court record, and we can evaluate your premises liability claim at once. Knowing what to look for in these cases is the key to a successful claim. Our legal team has in-depth knowledge of the Pennsylvania and New Jersey legal systems. We are driven to pursue the maximum possible compensation for our clients.


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  • Poorly maintained walking surfaces — uneven tiles or floors

  • Wet or slippery floors without warning signs

  • Objects in walkway

  • Poorly lighted stairways or halls

  • Uneven floors, sidewalks or crosswalks, and potholes

  • Icy walking areas

Slip and fall accidents can cause serious injuries to the brain, spine, and internal organs. They frequently lead to wrongful death. Injuries such as concussions and broken bones are often the result of a failure to properly maintain property.


If you have suffered an injury due to poorly maintained property, we can help. We have over 40 years of experience with premises liability claims in Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Southern New Jersey.

  • Ice and snow on walking areas

  • Slippery or oily floors

  • Unmaintained sidewalks

  • Potholes

  • Faulty pool fencing, gates, drains, or locks

  • Falling objects

When slips and falls or other accidents cause serious injuries to the brain, spinal cord, and body, the premise owners can be held liable for their failure to attend to dangerous conditions. Even if an owner claims to be unaware of a danger, they can still be held liable for any injuries that result from it if they should have known of the defect. A skilled attorney from our office can provide you or your loved one with powerful legal representation if you have been injured on private, commercial, government, or public property.

  • Broken smoke detectors

  • Security failures

  • Uneven walking surfaces

  • Inadequate lighting

  • Nuisances that attract children to a dangerous condition

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