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Work injury claim
Work injury

Millions of employees are injured at work each year and thousands of work accidents result in serious injuries and death. We understand that employees who are injured at work are entitled to compensation for their injuries. In death cases, families may be entitled to compensation.


At Marshall E. Kresman & Associates, our attorneys have over 40 years of experience in handling workplace injury cases in and around Bucks County, Philadelphia, and Southern New Jersey. Let us help you claim the compensation you deserve.


Depending on the circumstances of the injury, injured employees may be entitled to compensation through either the workers' compensation system, a personal injury lawsuit, or both. In addition to your employer’s responsibility to pay workers’ compensation, you may have claims against machine manufacturers; independent contractors, including maintenance and janitorial and repair companies; or other contractors and subcontractors at your work site.

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An employee who has suffered a work injury should seek the advice of a law firm that is well recognized for its experience in injury cases. It is extremely important that the firm has the resources and knowledge required to identify and litigate all of the available claims to help ensure that you receive the optimum compensation and benefits to which you are entitled.


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